[kaya-ooyook] 'He who rolls up with his paddle in his kayak after a capsize


From 2015 to 2016 I chose to concentrate on one of the many activities I was involved in with respect to padling.
At the moment I only offer courses and guided padling trips for DNT Ringerike.
Their program is available here:
The above includes the following in 2016:
- Introduction course in seakayaking (4 hours)
- Basic course in seakayaking (16 hours)
- Daytrips (5-6 hours)
In 2017 I will cut down on the long 16 hours courses and offer some special courses instead.
This will most likely be courses in rolling and advanced seakayaking techniques.
I will also offer courses in the Vassfaret area around Hedalen together with Hedalen Idrettslaget.
Any info will be posted on www.hedalen.no
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