[kaya-ooyook] 'He who rolls up with his paddle in his kayak after a capsize


Basically you have three rolls you have to perform with less and less possibility to create lift, so your technique and timing have to get better as you advance.
First version is done with a throwing stick (Norsaq) which has more area than you hand, which is the next step.
Then you try with clenched first to further reduce you effective area and last but not least you do these rolls while holding a brick of several kg in your hand!

Roll with brick, start forward, finish aft

The brick version of the layback handroll to me is more than just a harder version.
This is because you have to be very quick in your motion and finishing position as otherwise the brick will pull you back under, although the roll was successful! 
I found it quite easy to do this roll with a brick after I managed the fist version, but once you try one with the actual weight of 8 kg,..well you'll see. However I heard from Dubside that usually not more than 4 kg are used in Greenland.
Left Sideview  
Left Frontview  
Right Sideview 
Right Frontview  


Roll with brick, start aft, finish forward

Sorry, these are for later.

Roll with brick, start forward, finish forward

Sorry, these are for later.
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