[kaya-ooyook] 'He who rolls up with his paddle in his kayak after a capsize


Why outside?
I used to train a lot in a gym for many, many years and honestly: it was never really fun for me. 
Although I liked to work out, I always felt a bit sorry that I had to do it inside, had to wait for a machine, had to listen to music I didn't like, had to watch a TV programme in front of the cardio equipment, you name it,...
In addition I experienced that running and in fact being outside is much more fun and I never understood the idea of treadmills. Cardio for me was rowing or cycling when I was inside.
This is also scientifically backed and there are many sources available that claim that only by being outside we are contributing a lot towards our physical and psychical health.
Why Yoga/stretching?
I tried a bit of Yoga every morning for a couple of months being very motivated.
By doing that, I came to feel that my body is very stiff every day when getting up and feels much better after just 10min of Yoga all day long.
So, I added a bit of Yoga to my workout as cardio and strength training alone are not  balancing out the long hours of staying still in the office or sleeping in a soft, supported mattress
Why bodyweight excercises?
The idea is simple and is implemented in most martial arts or other combat education systems, be it military or private security.
The body gets stronger through bodyweight exercises than through use of machines in a gym because you use more of the smaller muscles to balance the exercise and support the bigger muscle groups.
Using different dumbbells or barbells for more or less free exercises has a similar effect, however I like the idea that I can train wherever and whenever I want to.
It makes you also a bit more creative in your exercises and by being forced to small amendments through the different training environment, the variation on the muscle loads is bigger.
Why no shoes?
Well, I just believe the idea that wearing shoes is in general not important as your feet and legs can naturally support all your actions.
However being raised with 'normal' shoes, I lost those abilities and my feet and legs are weakened and not used to taking all the loads we apply on them daily.
I still am training up again those abilities and feel great accomplishments!
I hope that by using no/barefoot shoes, my feet, joints, legs, hips and basically the rest of my body becomes strong enough again to counteract the usual knee and hip problems that are common in our society (as shoes with damping, limited space and additional support are common). 
A Commando Workout is my ideal start to a mostly stressful day in the office as a marine engineer. 
As I already
- have been outside and exposed to the light and elements
- have worked out
- have stretched 
- had the time to quit my thoughts about the day and concentrate on the quite exhausting workout
my performance at work improved a lot in all aspects!
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