[kaya-ooyook] 'He who rolls up with his paddle in his kayak after a capsize
My workouts always include the following four body strength areas:
- Push
- Pull
- Squat
- Core
Some typical examples are
Push: Push-up, Pike Push-up, Handstand
Pull: Pull-up, Hanging
Core: Plank, Sit-ups, Back Bridge, various holds
Squat: Different one and two legged squats
Starting from a gym building, I run for at least 10min to get warm, looking for a good spot for the first round of bodyweight exercises in the meantime.
When I have done one or two bodyweight exercises, I continue running to the next spot, at least a couple of 100m distance away to increase the heart rate again.
To save time and increase the intensity, two bodyweight exercises are altered without breaks = supersets. 
Thus I cycle through what I have planned for the day.
That is usually between 4 and 6 exercises plus 3-5 running phases and additional 1-3 Yoga/strething phases.
Only one Yoga phase, the others are stretching between the exercises.
Example 1
Squat with two legs: 3 sets x 20-30 repetitions
Elevated Push-up: 3x12
Pull-up 3x10
Leg raise 3x10
Gecko hold 3x30seconds
Example 2
One legged squat down to knee height: 3x10/leg
Handstand 3x30 seconds
Back bridge 3x30 seconds
Hanging 3x60 seconds
As I am wearing a hear rate monitoring watch, here is an example of a workout diagram of 60min.
The 5 running phases are clearly visible and also the slightly longer quite phase including Yoga just before the last running phase.
In total 4 bodyweight exercise phases.
One example of a shorter Commando Workout of 40 min.
Here I did some Yoga in the beginning with a total of 4 running and 3 exercise phases.
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