[kaya-ooyook] 'He who rolls up with his paddle in his kayak after a capsize
Planning of trips
Information provided here are just meant as general guidelines and cannot substitute experience and personal intstructions!
Even if you go through this list, it is not guaranteed that you did not overlook critical points!
I planned to include all information in detail, e.g. pages on seakayaking navigation and more or less instructions to seakayaking guides, but decided not to as in my opinion this knowledge should be obtained by personal instructions.
Before you can think of planning a trip, you have to know what you are going to do where.
Of course going from your local club 2 km to the nearest beach in summer is different than around Iceland in winter when you've never been there before!
And looking at why that is so, you already have many things you should take into account when planning your kayaking trips.
Your local club and unknown Iceland stand for your paddling skills and the knowledge you need about the area in which you are going to paddle.
The water and coastal conditions as well as the weather, distance to civilisation and potential assistance in an emergency can vary a lot.
Also local laws, e.g. for nature protection, access to the coast, contact to local Coast Guard, etc. need to be checked.
Going 2 km to the nearest beach refer to the trip distance and type of activity.
A short day trip is a different thing than overnight trips or expeditions, e.g. with regard to necessary training, equipment, planning extend, overall organisation and back-up plans.
Summer and winter refer to the seasons and potential weather and sea state conditions.
Everyone can paddle a short distance to a visible target, but for longer crossings or navigation in tidal conditions you need years of experience and possibly some guidance.
Also it makes a big difference if you are going alone, in a group or if you are even going to take over the overall responsibility.
So, these topics should be considered at least:
Your own skills and knowledge
The type of activity
The area in which you are planning your trip
Potential weather and sea state conditions
Distance to civilisation
Emergencies, see  >SOS - Call for assistance 
Picture: Yukon River, Canada, 2008
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