[kaya-ooyook] 'He who rolls up with his paddle in his kayak after a capsize
The games described here I learned from Dubside and are not part of the official Greenland rolling competetion, but nonetheless worth having fun with!
Rolling competetion
In this game played with six paddlers who know different Greenland style rolls, three compete against three and try to win two victories.
Both teams should be equally matched and ideally have some beginner and intermediate competitors.
One team starts, which is a slight disadvantage so another method of levelling the teams out, with one of the paddlers who then shows a Standard Greenland Roll.
The second team can then decide who they send into the competetion. This paddler has to answer the Standard Greenland roll and then show one roll of the competetion list himself, which the first kayakter has to answer before he can again choose a roll of his own.
Once one of the paddlers cannot answer the showed roll, the other team gets one point. The competetor can get help from his other team members before attempting the roll.
Each roll has to succeed on first attempt.
A team wins with two points.
The fun part is that although this is a game, you already feel the excitement and pressure of a real competetion!
So you do way better or worse than usual and I noticed that even beginners who could only do the standard roll, then did a Crook of Arm or Shotgun roll for their team on first attempt!

Combat rolling

This idea implies certain conditions that might occur and in which you have to be able to roll.
The first 'mission' might be to just hold out 10 seconds before you start your standard roll to increase the stress level during the roll.
Second steps could be to have the paddle under the deck lines when you capsize, so that you have to get it out and into position under water before your roll.
Then you can play with the following ideas:
- Give order of different maneuvers.
- Say that the roll has to be done on one side only.
- Restrict the use of a paddle or Norsaq.
- Give or set time limits.
- Imagine that certain limbs are not allowed, e.g. dislocated shoulder.
- Combine these ideas to create certain levels!
So, here are some interesting example tasks:
Bulletproof roll
This will definately make sure that you can roll on both sides and that you don't get confused under water.
Roll up on one side (e.g. left), then capsize back (left) and roll up on the other side (right).
Roll over and capsize on the other side (left) and roll up on the other side (right) before you finally capsize back (right) and roll up (left).
Try both directions.
Unlucky day
You are on a trip in wind and waves from the right when a bigger wave hit you. As you try to brace on your right side to the wave, you dislocate your right shoulder.
Your attemps to roll on the left side fail as the wind and waves push you back in.
Can you roll up with your paddle as it was attached to your kayak using your left arm on your right side?
This feels kind of a crossed arms roll without the second arm.
Worst condition ever?
Imagine that you have wind and waves from one side (e.g. left).
One wave hits you and you try to recover with a brace to the left in which you dislocate your left shoulder and loose your paddle as you forgot to attach your paddle to your kayak.
Can you roll up with your right arm only on the left side as the wind and waves will push you back in when you attempt to roll on the right side?!?
I saw that it is possible, but am still struggeling myself with Norsaq not alone with hand only,..
Roll Combinations
When you are ending up finishing one roll in the starting position of another you automatically think to combine them, which is fun and looks great!
Standard and Reverse Roll Combo
A quite easy combination, but nonetheless looks nice.
Video will follow.
Norsaq Roll Combo
Nice to combine the different handrolls, here with Norsaq. I chose aft to front, then front to front and last front to aft where you can start over again, so this combination contains six rolls. It would be possible to include the aft to aft roll as well, but I decided to just use the competetion rolls here.
Right hand
Left hand
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