[kaya-ooyook] 'He who rolls up with his paddle in his kayak after a capsize
Two techniques are added to the competition although these are no rolling techniques.
      Paddling upside down
      Place your paddle under your kayak and grab the blades on each side near to the shaft.
      Then capsize.
      When upside down, edge the kayak while pulling one paddle blade into the water (towards you) so that one paddle blade gets submerged as far as possible. Pull from front to back and then edge towards the other side while you pull.
      In the competetion you have to manage at least 5m and will get additional points for each meter.
      Recover with a storm roll.
      Walrus pull
      For the Walrus pull five grown men standing ashore shall pull a line that is fastened at your cockpit dragging you sideways through the water. You are to keep control over the movement without capsizing completely. As this can be quite dangerous and it is also quite possible that paddle or kayak breaks, I never tried and strongly recommend to NOT try this.
      See youtube, qajaqusa, DVDs or other sources for videos.
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